So you still hang out with Louis. How has you…

So you still hang out with Louis. How has your relationship changed with the One Direction guys?

A little while back, I gave a piece of advice to [American girl
group] Fifth Harmony in a magazine. When you give advice, it’s sometimes
something that you need to listen to yourself, too. I said: “Go away
for a while, recollect and regather yourself, and then go and meet
people again with your newfound presence.” And I like that, because I
went away and the person I was in the band, I’m not him now. It was all
right to be that person then, but now, I need to be something totally
different. Even going to see Louis the other day – it’s nice to meet
people and have them see how you are now, because you can understand all
the things you might have done wrong or the things you might have
regretted doing. You can say, “I’m different now, so whatever that was
in the past, we were different people.” We got on well in One Direction,
but there were times when we didn’t. Certain members fell out with each
other sometimes, but it would always come back round. So, I don’t ever
think that I won’t be friends with these people for life. But I think
it’s important in anything that you can think about everything you would
have liked to change about yourself and
then grow.

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